László Kovács Tamás


I was born on 17th January 1964 in Szeged.
I took my A level in Eger, then I became a typographic designer technicist. I do poster designing, I have two sons, my wife is a photographer.
My masters were Lajos Dargay, sculptor and János Fajó, painter.
In 1987-88 I was the artistic director of the M. Gallery of the Technical University of Budapest.
I joined the "Meditation" exhibition series of Tibor Csiky.
I was a founder of the "Light-Shadow" Artistic Association and its group of artists called "Hidden Element". I left both organizations in 1994.
From 1995 to 2000 I was a member of the MADI group.
I have been an active exhibitor since 1979, I have participated in several exhibitions abroad and in Hungary.